Choosing an institution or a course as an international student in Australia can sometimes become a difficult decision. You may arrive in Australia and then realize that the institution or the course you’ve selected is not the best choice you’ve made.

You need to remember that changing institution or change of provider in Australia is not a simple process, and without proper guidance, you may end up with missed opportunities, financial distress or student visa issues. You may be requiring release letter which needs guidance. You can contact Vision Consultants for assistance and guidance.

Here are a few points to ensure a smooth transition:

How to change your course ?
OR transfer your college in Australia ?


1 . Do Your Research

Once you’ve decided to change your course or college transfer in Australia, you can start visiting different universities and colleges websites and consider important things such as student facilities, student support services, student dynamics and other factors that affect your welfare as a student. Thorough research turns out to be beneficial and helps you to make an informed decision in the future.

Please visit the official website of CRICOS  to check the list of Australia university courses and accredited Australian education providers offered to international students.

You can also visit Vision Consultants and meet Education Consultants and they will also assist you for searching different courses and scholarships. Vision Consultants does not charge any fee for arranging offer letters and COEs

2. Would you require release letter?

After selecting the new university or provider, please check either you need release letter or not. Vision Consultants team can assist you for release letters, if its required. In case, you need release letter, you would need to make request to your current provider/institution.

While transferring to new provider, maybe you are eligible for refund. Please consultant Vision Consultants and they can assist you in this process.

3. Check your Visa Requirements and Visa Conditions

Your Australian student visa gives you the right to study, work and live in Australia as an international student. As a result, changing your course or college transfer in Australia also requires you to understand the conditions and requirements of your visa.

Following are most common visa conditions

  • Work restriction 40 hours a fortnight (8104)
  • Meet course requirements (8202)
  • Maintain adequate health insurance (8501)
  • Maintain adequate arrangements for the education of your school-age dependants (8517)
  • Continue to satisfy the criteria for the grant of visa (8516)
  • Inform provider of address (8533)


4. Consult Vision Consultants

Education Councilor’s / Consultants in Vision Consultants have vast experience in providing the right direction and guidance to international students for college transfer in Australia. They offer expert advice on how to go about your plan without any hassle.

transfer your college in Australia - change your college - change of providervision consultants Education and Migration agent - college transfer in Australia

Institutions appoint education agencies for the student recruitment and enrolment process, making counsellors highly trained in complex policies and procedures. In addition, they provide help regarding scholarships. You can choose the right one from the various options available.

Here are a few questions that you should consider when changing your course or college
transfer in Australia

1. Do you have to study at the same level?

Students who are studying through SSVF (Simplified Student Visa Framework) must study at the same level or higher. If you wish to study at a lower level, for instance from a bachelor degree to a diploma program, then you’ll have to apply for another student visa.

2. Will changing courses affect your student visa?

Students who wants to college transfer in Australia  would make sure that they should study at the same level or higher level of Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) level for which they got visa granted.

If you would like to study on lower level, then please Vision Consultants for lodgment of new student visa because transferring to lower level course will lead to breach of your visa conditions.

3. Can you take a break from studying in Australia?

Usually gap between studies should not be more than 2 months unless its end of term break or education provider default or you finish your course and applying new visa. In case, if you want to go back to your country, please inform to your provider and request for deferral. Please make sure you should have new/revised COE at time of entry to Australia.

Still have a question?

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Australian Change of Provider

Choosing an institution or a course as an international student in Australia can sometimes become a difficult decision. You may arrive in Australia and then realise that the institution or the course you’ve selected is not the best choice you’ve made.

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